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Aerial view showcasing two buildings of Golfera's company in Colecchio. One building is blue with a gigantic 'Golfera' text, while the other is white surrounded by a lush green lawn.

Golfera's Prosciutto Factory: Crafting Excellence in Collecchio

Discover Golfera's latest addition to its production plants - the Golfera Prosciutto Factory, strategically located in Collecchio, near Parma, amidst the renowned territories famed for producing PDO Prosciutto di Parma. 

Our factory completes the Italian delicatessen offer by crafting the entire range of our exquisite cured hams.

At Golfera, we meticulously select the finest raw materials and dedicate attention to every detail in the seasoning process, ensuring the creation of unparalleled products known for their exceptional taste. This investment reflects our commitment to elevating quality standards, with our seasoned cured ham experts intricately involved at every production stage.

Our prides are the renowned Prosciutto di Parma and our exclusive specialty, San Valentino. Crafted solely from the legs of Italian pigs raised to DOP standards, San Valentino undergoes a unique process where fresh legs are deboned before salting, allowing optimal moisture evaporation and resulting in a distinctively sweet flavor.

Golfera Prosciutto Factory bolsters our brand's prestige across foreign markets, particularly in America and Europe. Prosciutto di Parma is celebrated worldwide as a hallmark of Italian quality, and our factory ensures its continued excellence.


Image shows a prosciutto master gently caressing the side of a cured pork prosciutto leg on an elegant table, wearing a white uniform coat. In the background, a light beige bowl brightened by sunlight

Golfera's prosciutto factory delivery delivers 
authentic Italian delicacies with precision.

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Golfera USA Inc.

1030 Salem Rd - Union - NJ 07083


Tel: +1 (201) 205-2404

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