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Golfera, Delicious and Certified

Our commitment to quality at Golfera begins with the meticulous selection of raw materials. Through a rigorous evaluation process, we ensure that only the finest ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers, make it to your plate. This process is constantly refined to elevate our quality standards. 

 At Golfera, we prioritize transparency and food safety, leaving no room for compromise. Our rigorous daily controls include ongoing microbiological and chemical-physical analysis. This ensures that our products are not delicious but also healthy and safe, every single day.

 Our daily commitment to health and hygiene standards is certified by industry-leading certifications.


International Standard for Food Safety

Our dedication to safety and quality is underscored by our compliance with voluntary international food safety standards such as BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) and IFS (International Food Standard). These comprehensive standards cover every aspect of product quality, hygiene, and safety, serving as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the best to our customers. 

 Download our IFS and BRC certificates.

COY Certiquality IFS certificate mage to download
TUV Nord certificate to download

IFS (Lavezzola)

IFS (San Mauro Pascoli)

BRC (Lavezzola)

AIC certificate to download
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Golfera USA Inc.

1030 Salem Rd - Union - NJ 07083


Tel: +1 (201) 205-2404


Respecting and safeguarding environmental resources, quality of life, and sustainability are the values that inspire our entire production.
For this reason, we offer a series of products made in compliance with the regulations for food production from Organic Agriculture.


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