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An elegant square white china plate filled with wavy Golfera Gardenia ham sits on a light beige wooden table, creating an appetizing presentation The plate is surrounded by vibrant red vegetables, adding a pop of color to the presentation.


All the nuances of top-quality hams

Golfera Hams: Elevating Tradition
with Exquisite Craftsmanship

Discover Golfera's Exquisite Hams: Elevating Taste with Premium Quality and Natural Ingredients. Our hams are crafted with care and expertise. They boast unique flavors, from the traditional Gardenia to the aromatic Bracerì, infused with Mediterranean herbs. We take pride in making our hams free from nitrites, nitrates, polyphosphates, and allergens. We offer a wholesome and flavorful option for discerning palates at Golfera's commitment to quality and well-being.

Product display of Gardenia Premium Plain Ham



Premium Ham

Premium Ham With Herbs 

Golfera's Gardenia Premium Ham: A Culinary Masterpiece Crafted with Tradition. Indulge in this delicacy's unique flavor and premium quality, prepared with Golfera's exclusive recipe. Perfect as a main course or appetizer, it offers a delicate taste, balanced nutrition, and easy digestibility for the entire family.

Shape: traditional

Standard Weight: 8.5 lbs approx.

Packaging: vacuum - packed in halves

Product display of Bracerì Premium Ham With Herbs

Bracerì Premium Cooked Ham with Herbs: A Savory Delight Infused with Mediterranean Flavors. A premium ham delicately flavored and enveloped in Mediterranean herbs. Hand-tied and slow-roasted to perfection, it offers a genuinely tantalizing culinary experience.

Shape: traditional

Standard Weight: 8.5 lbs approx.

Packaging: vacuum - packed in halves

Logo depicting 'gluten-free' and 'lactose-free,' accompanied by text stating 'no nitrite or nitrates added,' 'no polyphosphates added,' and 'no allergens
Golfera text logo in blue

Golfera USA Inc.

1030 Salem Rd - Union - NJ 07083


Tel: +1 (201) 205-2404

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