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mage depicts the hand of a charcuterie master wrapping mortadella with strings to hang it from the ceiling. The master wears a white coat, and the mortadella sits on a light beige wooden table. Sunlight from the window adds warmth to the scene


Golfera Mortadella: A Fusion of Tradition and Gourmet Elegance.

Savor the pinnacle of Italian culinary expertise with Chiara, Chiara with Pistachios, and Chiara Truffle Mortadella, meticulously crafted in our Charcuterie Factory in Lavezzola. Rooted in a profound passion for authentic Italian gastronomy, our mortadella epitomize the art of fine charcuterie. Chiara, an Uncured Italian Mortadella with Pistachios, offers a symphony of flavors derived from the finest Italian pork cuts and premium pistachios. Its delicate yet intense profile, enhanced by the subtle aroma of pistachios, ensures an unparalleled culinary journey. Meanwhile, Chiara Truffle adds a luxurious twist by infusing Golfera's renowned recipe with the richness of black truffles. Each slice speaks volumes about Golfera's unwavering commitment to artisanal excellence, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your dining experience with Chiara and Chiara Truffle, embodying Golfera's dedication to culinary perfection.

Product display image of Chiara Plain Mortadella




Uncured Plain Italian Mortadella 

Uncured Italian Mortadella with Pistacchios

Uncured Italian Mortadella with Truffle

 Chiara is premium-quality Mortadella  tempting and delicious. It is prepared according to the traditional processing recipe.

Only noble cuts of pork are used, ensuring a Mortadella with a well-defined identity. Our plain mortadella boasts an intense and slightly aromatic aroma, a delicate taste, and a well-balanced full flavor. Smooth, velvety, and compact in texture, it showcases a uniform bright pink color with well-adhered white fat cubes evenly distributed throughout.

Grain: fine

Average Weight: 11 bs approx.

Packaging: vacuum - packed

Product display image of Chiara Mortadella with Truffles
Product display image of Chiara Mortadella with Pistachios.

Presenting Chiara: Uncured Italian Mortadella with Pistachios, Crafted to Perfection.

Our passion for the tradition of fine Italian cuisine gave birth to Chiara, meticulously made from the finest cuts of Italian pork and infused with premium pistachios.

A delicate and harmonious savor complements its intense yet subtly aromatic fragrance. Its smooth, velvety texture showcases a vibrant pink hue and evenly distributed fat cubes.

Chiara is a testament to excellence in every slice.

Presenting Chiara Truffle: A Gourmet Twist on Uncured Italian Mortadella Infused with Luxurious Truffles. Crafted with Golfera's renowned recipe, this gourmet delicacy is taken to new heights with black truffle flakes. Each ingredient, from the uncured Italian mortadella to the luxurious truffles, is of the highest quality, ensuring a rich flavor and intoxicating aroma. Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence with Chiara Truffle, a true testament to Golfera's unwavering commitment to artisanal perfection.

Grain: medium

Average Weight: 7 lbs approx.

Packaging: vacuum - packed

Grain: medium - high

Average Weight: 11 lbs approx.

Packaging: vacuum - packed

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