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A Light and flavorful salami with 65% less fat and 60% less sodium. Experience the perfect balance of taste and health benefits without compromising on flavor.

Indulge in the exquisite flavor of 18 months Prosciutto di Parma : a culinary masterpiece made with unmatched quality.

Embark on an unforgettable gastronomic journey with our premium salami collection seamlessly blending history, tradition, and authenticity.

Golfera, passion for Italian Food

"My grandfather and father worked as butchers in Rimini countryside, and thanks to them,  passion for food became a family tradition. Times have changed, and our family's third and fourth generations have faced new challenges with a modern entrepreneurial spirit. These skills, having their roots in the past and contemporary strategies, give us specialties focused on the high quality of the product: nutritious, healthy, and natural. 

(Alvaro Zavaglia, Chairman)

Prosciutto held by prosciutto maker's hands, showcasing artisanal craftsmanship against bright background.

Discover The Prosciutto  Factory
in Collecchio 

"Lake surrounded by trees and leaves on sunny day, nature's beauty captured.

Golfera Green:

a constant commitment to our land and the environment.

Pre-sliced Golfetta Salami presented in transparent MAP tray for convenient display and freshness.
Product display: Golfetta Salami overlapped, revealing inner texture for enticing presentation

Learn more about our specialty food, starting with the legendary Golfetta, meticulously crafted with premium meats and traditional Italian flavors. Beyond Golfetta, uncover our delectable charcuterie selection and explore various gastronomic pleasures, from the classic Cotechino to convenient pre-made Italian meals. Discover the essence of Italy in every bite, where passion and quality unite to heighten your culinary journey.


Golfera's logo spells Golfera in blue color.

Golfera USA Inc.

1030 Salem Rd - Union - NJ 07083

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Tel: +1 (201) 205-2404

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